Into the Fire: Interview with Kevin Pham

November 8, 2018

Remember a few years back when Wells Fargo was exposed for their unethical new account sales practices? Kevin Pham was the ex-employee who was featured on many of the big news networks discussing their shady business practices. He also started the Hold Wells Fargo Accountable movement encouraging customers to close their accounts in a facebook post that went viral and gained national attention.


Many of you may also know Kevin from the Bitcoin world where he is never shy about posting his opinions that quite often ruffle feathers. Actually, the guy tweets so much, I often wonder when he sleeps. I was introduced to Kevin through a mutual friend who said we should talk. A week later we were sitting across from one another at lunch eating barbeque discussing Bitcoin, shit coins and the things that matter most to us.


The first thing I realized is the online persona that the majority of the world sees daily is only a small glimpse into who he really is. For a guy that I thought I would only have our love for Bitcoin in common, I found that we agreed on many things. I was so intrigued by him. I interrupted our conversation and said, I want to interview you. I think the world needs to really know who you are.


After leaving lunch there was so much to unpack from our conversation. The one thing that resonated with me most was how family is the most important thing to Kevin even more so than money. Underneath all of the anti establishment and anti big business rhetoric, he is just a regular dude like many of us.


In the Bitcoin and crypto world many people only see in people what they choose to. I have learned from many of the interviews I have done, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover and Kevin Pham is a perfect example of this.


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