Bitcoin Security Lockdown: Interview with Jeremy Welch Founder of Casa

October 22, 2018


One of the most challenging aspects of owning Bitcoin is securing it so you do not lose it or get it stolen. There are no second chances in this game, and no one is perfect. One stupid move can result in catastrophe.


Over time some people have accumulated a lot of Bitcoin that has increased significantly in value over the years. Holding large amounts of Bitcoin on a hardware wallet in your home or office can be a scary proposition and opens you up to a host of potential liabilities.


I became interested in Casa shortly after they launched in 2017. They touted themselves as the “premium HODL software” offering multi-signature protection for your Bitcoin. This instantly caught my attention, and I have been watching them evolve ever since.


Casa offers Casa Premium their multi-sig bitcoin storage solution built around their “Casa Key Shield” designed to secure large amounts of Bitcoin. They also recently launched Casa Node which is a plug and play Lightning node that sold out as quickly as it launched.


I wanted to dig a little deeper into Casa and reached out to Jeremy Welch, the founder and CEO, to learn more about him and the products they are developing. Jeremy is a really interesting guy, and over the last few months between product launches we managed to put this interview together.


To read the rest of the article click here.


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