Building Bitcoin: Interview with Vortex, the Founder of ‘Programming with Bitcoin’ and ‘The Cryptocast Network’

September 27, 2018


I met Vortex almost two years ago through the Bitcoin world. Many of you know him from his popular podcast, “The Bitcoin News Show.” Vortex is one of those guys whose sole mission is to help educate the world about Bitcoin and has spent countless hours helping to grow the Bitcoin community.

In the last year I have watched him evolve from doing almost ninety Bitcoin podcasts to launching The Crypto Cast Network that features several Bitcoin related podcasts. On top of that he recently introduced a new developer class, Programming With Bitcoin, to teach people how to program with Bitcoin using NBitcoin and C#.


When he is not busy with any of these projects, he is traveling the globe as a guest speaker at various Bitcon conferences. Vortex is know to be very outspoken when it comes to anyone trying to stand in the way of or undermine Bitcoin and was a big voice in the UASF movement.


I caught up with him this last month to learn more about his new projects and to see what else he has going on. Vortex is a Bitcoin Maximalist through and through, and the one thing that is always consistent with him is he keeps it 100% real.


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