Learning To Code — Gamified! Interview With Mathbot Founder JW

September 12, 2018


I met JW during the last year when I became interested in his startup Mathbot.com whose main goal is to make learning to program fun for kids. Teaching the next generation to code is something I hold dear to my heart. My friends and I have an ongoing joke when we hear someone’s youngster has a birthday coming up. The best gift to buy them is a book on programming.


JW also hosts a podcast that has featured crypto anarchist Cody Wilson as well as Ross Ulbricht’s mother Lyn Ubricht, along with many other interesting and credible people in the cryptosphere. JW never holds back any punches and is not afraid to challenge mainstream thinking or ruffle feathers.


I have even debated JW on subjects and gained a lot of respect for him even if we disagree on certain topics. With that said we tend to be on the same page on most subjects, and I appreciate his voice and experience in software development.


Mathbot.com is one of those projects that I have enjoyed watching evolve as well as getting to know JW and some of the Mathbot team. The world needs more projects focused on teaching our next generation how to program. All it takes is sparking one kids interest and passion and anything is possible.


To read the rest of the article click here.


I am contributing most of my articles to Harckernoon. Please find the original published article HERE! 




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