Renegade Investor Raw & Unfiltered: Break The System!

September 25, 2017


The Crypto world is one of the coolest movements I have witnessed. With the good always comes the bad. I tend to ignore the bad and focus on the bigger picture of learning and expanding my knowledge base. I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts on World Crypto Network. "The Bitcoin News Show," hosted by @theonevortex, always has excellent discussion panels of various thought leaders in the space.


It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, and I heard this dude with a proper English accent say, “Listen to everyone but follow nobody. The amount of humility you must have every day in Bitcoin is colossal. No one is 100% right.” I literally stopped the podcast and backed up, replayed and wrote the quote down. The entire panel discussion was solid, but Renegade Investor a.k.a Edward’s words stuck in my mind. I couldn’t agree more with him, so I tweeted it and let Edward know.


Soon after that we started communicating over Twitter. As I did more research and absorbed more of his content and interviews, I realized this guy is incredibly smart and a long term player in the game. Since then I have come to know Edward. He is a true gentleman, and his experience in the space speaks for itself. I could not be more excited to share this unfiltered interview with one of my favorite Bitcoin investors and friend.   


Name: Edward

Online Identity: Renegade Investor

RJ: (Real Job) Investment analysis / self-employed investor & Crypto Trader

Years in the $BTC game: 4.5



How might people know you?

I run the website and YouTube channel Renegade Investor. I also make appearances on other Crypto channels such as the World Crypto Network and the Bitcoin Meister news show.


How can people follow you? 

Twitter handle @sharkybit


What is your background, education or formal training?


My background is in Information Technology & as an Investment consultant at a major UK brokerage. All my other knowledge on investing, economics, money, precious metals & finance has been self taught.


When did you become interested in Bitcoin and Crypto?


I started hearing about Bitcoin in 2012, but like most people it takes a few instances before you really become conscious of it and start to look into it properly. At the beginning of 2013 I started to take it seriously and made my first investment.


What is the single best experience you have had in this space?


It’s hard to limit it to a single experience, but making my first ever Bitcoin transaction from Japan exchange MT.GOX to BTCE in 3 minutes for next to no cost. This was the pivotal moment where I realised Bitcoin was a world changing technology that was going to be absolutely huge. I sat back in my chair with my jaw on the floor. It changed the direction of my life forever.


Tell us your biggest Crypto fail.


Two of my biggest crypto fails happened in quick succession. At the top of 2013 I did not understand the bubble hype cycle in Bitcoin and failed to take profit off the table thinking the price would forever go up. I then had to Hodl through an excruciating 2 year bear market, but I never sold and actually bought more coins as I believed in Bitcoin.


Shortly afterward I did the same with Altcoins wiping out all the BTC profit I accrued trading them by failing to take profits off the table. Although I didn’t take any losses these are the two biggest lessons I ever learnt in the Crypto space and (In hindsight) was essential in making me a much better trader and investor. Never let a good mistake or failure go to waste!


Where do you personally get your Crypto news?

Twitter & YouTube are my favorite places for everything Crypto. 


What do you do for fun when you are outside the Cryptosphere.


I love going to the beach, snorkeling, swimming, water sports. I also play in a Softball league which is great fun and about to do a lot of travelling over the next 6 months.

Best tips you can give anyone new to the Bitcoin and Alt-Currency world?

1) Get yourself a Hardware wallet like a Trezor, Legder or Keepkey and don’t leave coins on centralised exchanges unless you have to for trading. This removes a huge amount of counterparty risk and really reduces risk.


2) When investing or trading, Scale in and out of positions slowly through accumulation and distribution. An all or nothing approach can expose you to much more risk in volatile markets. If you're new to trading sign up to a legitimate trading school to help develop your skills in this area.


3) Remove the noise and always look at the bigger picture. Long term Bitcoin is nowhere near bubble status, there is trillions that can still poor into this new asset class. And whilst there is always a lot of Bitcoin drama, understand that those original investors and a widening and growing range of stakeholders are going to increasingly prevent anything detrimental from happening to the main fundamentals and value proposition behind Bitcoin.

Edward has been known to dive with great white sharks. His love for

sharks is where he came up with his twitter handle @sharkybit


You go by the screen name, Renegade Investor or @sharkybit on Twitter. How did these names come to be?

Renegade ultimately means to operate or be outside of the established system, and as all my investments center around removing counter party and inflation hedge from the legacy system I thought it was a great name.


In addition there is a major anti-establishment and decentralisation trend occurring around the world and this trend fits well with my branding. For the same reason, everything I do with my brand and content is designed to be the polar opposite of the fake, stuffy, sterile and boring nature of legacy finance.


It’s also hilarious when I speak to people from the legacy financial system, the first thing they sarcastically say when I tell them the name of my website is “That sounds trustworthy” They don’t realize that is the whole point people have lost a lot of trust with the legacy system.


My Twitter handle @Sharkybit comes from my love of Sharks. I have been fascinated by sharks since I was a kid and I did a Great White shark dive in Australia back in 2007, which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  During my upcoming travels I hope to see a lot more sharks, Hopefully not on the receiving end though!


What kind of kid/teenager were you when growing up? What were you in to?


I had a great social life and good friends we would spend all summer on beaches doing water sports cliff jumping, I would try my hand at every sport and loved having beach parties. My friends parents converted a garage into a room where all of us could hang out as well drinking, socializing and playing Golden Eye on the N64! Good memories


When I wanted time out, I enjoyed video gaming which led me to ultimately get into I.T, I don’t really have time to play anymore, but Bioshock is probably my favourite games of all time. It’s the story about an attempt to create an underwater city Rapture, a libertarian paradise that descends into Dystopia. It’s the sort of place that would have loved and adopted Bitcoin! 


I was also a complete contrarian as well which is probably what helped lead me to what I do now. I never followed the herd and always did my own thing which is an important attribute to have when it comes to investing & trading.


Your bio states you come from an IT background and got into researching financial markets and economics after the financial crash of 2008. Expand on this and how you transitioned to Bitcoin?


Although I tried to build a career in I.T my heart was just not in it, I didn’t find it exciting. But it led me to my 3 red pill moments that awakened me to how the world really worked.


The first was an old boss saying to me my expectations in life were too great. If there is one thing that motivates me it’s someone telling me that I can’t do something. It also highlighted to me how conditioned a lot of society is through media & Education that we should just accept a certain standard of living. I completely rejected this.


The second was paying tax in my first well paid job. I realised that the tax system in the UK and all around the world is designed to make sure people never get ahead. The harder you work the more you are taxed.


The third was the bank bailouts in 2008 & after reading how the RBS CEO paid himself a £7.5 million bonus after the 84% taxpayer owned bank was bailed out for a second time.

I found this so shocking that I started to read about banking, economics, finance, trading Investment and inadvertently found my passion.


This led me to learn about fiat currency, sound money and how the existing monetary system is on life support. Because of this I started investing in Precious metals which led me into Bitcoin. And once I understood Bitcoin it was so big and world changing I started to focus all my time on it.



You have a big voice and following in this space from your investing experience, research articles and presentations. You also have a thriving YouTube channel where you create and publish unique content. How did you get into this shit and what is your goal with it all?


I kept thinking it would be great if someone did a video on this topic around Bitcoin and it started to dawn on me that those videos would not exist unless I made them myself! So I setup my YouTube channel Renegade Investor.


At the same time I was really annoyed at the terrible biased coverage of Bitcoin from the majority of the mainstream media and so I decided to setup my channel to push back at all the FUD I was seeing.


My only goal was to put out content that I thought would help educate people, the fact they were well received and started to get 1000’s of views and support from the community was a real bonus and I am really grateful for that.


One of the best things that has come from creating my channel is the people I have connected with who also watch my content. Bitcoin has attracted a lot of interesting and amazing people.


I would say the main goal of my channel is to always red pill as many people as possible as to how the monetary system works and the dangers that comes from coercion of the state and how to protect yourself, profit and prosper in this new decentralized financial Paradigm. One of my favorite tag lines is Decentralization V Centralization NOT Left V Right. I think people are really beginning to realize this.


You wrote the article, “The distorted UK property Market --One Big Dangerous Game” about the crazy cost of housing markets in London. This reminds me of the market in Silicon Valley where a normal house that might cost $400k USD will sell for over $1 million and people stand in line and bid the price up. How do you feel about these types of markets and what can we learn from 2008 when everything hit the shitter?

Politicians and central bankers in the UK are robbing an entire generation of the ability to purchase their own home. It’s an absolute outrage and a desperate attempt to prop up the economy as the temporary wealth affect makes people spend.


Whenever you see a market that is in shortage or excess, more likely than not it's because of centralised entities distorting the free market. The UK property market is a classic example, there is a major shortage.


Not only have central banks created artificially low interest rates and inject stimulus through QE. But governments (Especially the UK government) has several policies supporting the property market such as Help to Buy, Help to Buy extended, Starter home scheme, Help to Buy ISA, & London Help to Buy.


By artificially pumping the demand side of the market, they have turned property into a speculative investment resulting in out of control rent costs, so people can’t even afford to save to purchase a house. In fact it’s so bad now I believe 1/3 of all property sales are done using one of the schemes, and ¼ of all house sales are done with the assistance of parents providing money for deposits. How on earth is this sustainable?


They have learned nothing from 2008, they have blown another huge property bubble, it's reckless and this will end badly as interest rates (which they cannot permanently control) begin to rise. Once again all the problems are brushed under the carpet with short term thinking, long term implications be damned.


People should ask themselves if Generation Y leaving University with £40,000 student debt and lowering job prospects are going to be buying 1 bedroom, terraced houses with no garden for £300,000 in the future. I am personally avoiding this market like the plague.


It highlights just how important Bitcoin will be in separating the State and central bankers from Economics and money and restoring free markets where prices actually represent actual supply and demand.



I notice you also know a lot about investing in precious metals. What similarities and differences do you see between precious metals and Cryptocurrency?


The ultimate trend right now is that thanks to fiat currency that has no limit on supply, governments all around the world are going deeper into debt. So from an investment perspective in my opinion any asset that is finite and provides counterparty and inflation hedge will be desirable going forward. This is why I invest in both precious metals and Bitcoin. I did an interview recently with Andy Hoffman who is one of the world’s top precious metal analysts ‘The Star Trek Financial Environment as Crypto Usurps fiat’ that goes deeper into this.


In fact I see them as a hedge for each other. Bitcoin hedges against alleged and admitted Gold and Silver manipulation and Gold and Silver hedge against potential risks to Bitcoin.


In terms of what money actually is, Bitcoin has a lot of the same attributes that has made Gold and Silver money for the last 5,000 years and actually improves on a lot of them.

The big mistake a lot of precious metal investors and high profile Gold and Silver investors like Peter Schiff, Chris Duane and Jim Rickards make, is viewing Bitcoin as purely a commodity or money like Gold. This is the wrong thing to do and blinds them from Bitcoins main value proposition.


Bitcoin is ultimately a platform that we can use to build an entire decentralised peer to peer financial and monetary system on. Bitcoins ability to facilitate currency & a store of value money, is just a tiny fraction of its value proposition.


Every single service, business and all the utility that is built on top of the Bitcoin network will drive demand for the underlying native token Bitcoin. This is where Bitcoin derives its value, not ‘intrinsic’ value, and there are several multi-trillion markets it is disrupting. The potential upside here is unprecedented. As it goes mainstream Bitcoin will become a global phenomenon like the internet.



Do you think $BTC will be the end of fiat currencies, and where do you see Gold in relation to Bitcoin in the years to come?


In the very long term I believe that Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency will ultimately end government backed fiat currency as well as Gold’s long term position as a primary store of value.


However in the short, medium and long term they will all coexist but the game has changed. Bitcoin is going to be akin to a black hole that starts to absorb all the worlds’ fiat currencies, it's going to take huge chunks.


Quite simply, fiat currency cannot compete with Bitcoin. Fiat currency is Beta whilst Bitcoin is Alpha and people always desire that which demonstrates higher Value, there is very little governments can do about this after destroying the value of sovereign fiat.


In addition, Bitcoin will force governments and bankers to become more responsible and accountable for their actions which will benefit everybody. My video ‘Bitcoin; Real Time Justice and Restitution’ talks all about this.


In terms of Bitcoin V Gold I am still bullish on Gold in the short and medium term. There is more than enough currency in all other major asset classes to flow into Bitcoin, Gold and Silver, what I consider uncorrelated asset classes right now.


In addition demographics also supports a continuation of the Gold bull market. Baby boomers are holding the majority of the wealth and they are familiar with Gold as a counterparty and inflation hedge.  This will change over time, but I think precious metals still have legs.


Ultimately I don’t think anything will even get close to Bitcoin in terms of ROI going forward. I talk about this in my video ‘Will Bitcoin Investment become the only game in town?’


However, in terms of diversification I see Bitcoin as a hedge against Precious metal manipulation and Precious metals as a hedge against existential threats to Bitcoin although this risk is dropping thanks to the lindy effect.



You mentioned in your Andy Hoffman interview that when you started converting $BTC to Silver it was 2 oz of Silver to 1 $BTC. Today we are at 150 - 200 oz to 1 $BTC. Why do you think Silver is a good play along with $BTC?


After Bitcoin, Silver in my opinion is one of the most under-priced assets on the face of the planet. What other asset today has seen its use skyrocket, above ground stockpiles depleted, has been de-mined by being thrown away in small amounts via retired electrical devices. Has more manufacturing uses that at any point in history, is used in huge amounts in one of the fastest growing renewable energies Solar (especially in China). That is produced mainly as a byproduct of other base metals and has seen production slow. That is currently sitting at a 76-1 price ratio with Gold despite a historical ratio that was much lower around 16-1. And is currently sitting at a price that is a third of its high, seen around 1980, despite decades of out of control debt creation and compound inflation!


I don’t think the current Silver price is anywhere near a reflection of its fair market value and is my second biggest holding after Bitcoin.



What is your relationship with Max Keiser? Describe him for those who might not know his name.  


I do not know Max Keiser on a personal level, although we do follow each other on Twitter as we have a lot in common in terms of our area of work and we often retweet each other.


Max Keiser was important to me because he was one of the first people I really started following once I woke up to how the global monetary system worked. The first time I watched him was a video of him on France24 news channel where he was talking about Goldman Sachs fraud! At the end of the video he pulled a dollar out his pocket, threw it across the table and said here’s the last of my money Goldman Take it! Whilst calling them crooks!  Link


I was hooked straight away, so refreshing to see passion and comedy in an environment that’s normally filled with sterility from brain washed talking heads and shills.


I then discovered the Keiser Report, his flag ship show on RT with his Wife Stacy Herbert and I never missed a show!

What year did you first invest in Bitcoin and what was it that convinced you to put your money into buying it?


The aforementioned Keiser report is where I first learned about Bitcoin in 2012 and the reason I decided to look into investing at the beginning of 2013 after watching E416 Bitcoin Millionaires V Paper Billionaires



I am thankful to Max & Stacy for covering it as it has changed my life.


A couple of days after that I read Erik Voorhees Bitcoin The Libertarian Introduction, and realized not only could Bitcoin be one of the best risk reward perspective investment in history, but it was in line with large parts of my ideology for free markets, sound money, Austrian economics, liberty and freedom.


Did people think you were crazy? Do you remember any of the comments?


A lot of people, Friends, Work Colleagues, Clients, Acquaintances.


One of the most memorable was the Financial brokerage I used to work at. I was the only one in a team of 60 interested in Bitcoin. I was surrounded by a lot of people who had been through economic degrees, which I hear from a lot of ex-students, is essentially 4 years of Keynesian influenced programming.


I could tell they thought I was crazy. The head of research even called it a fad. When one guy asked me what I was investing in, I told him Precious metals and Bitcoin & he told me I should diversify! All I was thinking is that he should un-diversify!


I actually spoke to a lot of financial professionals around Bristol and none of them wanted to know about Bitcoin, when I told them conversations always ended with that ‘Ok Sure’ kind of look! and now Bitcoin has been the investment of the decade.


The thing about paradigm shifts is that there is very little that relates to the new model so people have a real hard time coming to terms and identifying with it. I think everyone in Crypto has some similar stories.


I still remember the days where you had to literally do a sales pitch just for people to even contemplate looking into Bitcoin, now I have too many emails to respond too. It’s amazing how fast things can change.

You are very outspoken against the world’s banking system and it’s leaders “rigging the market.” How do you think the future will play out for traditional monetary systems?


I made a sci-fi Bitcoin documentary with the self-explanatory title Bitcoin; Humanity’s last Stand Against the Bankers which goes over everything I think on this topic which I explain through the Terminator film franchise! So people can check that out.  


As Bitcoin Guru Andreas Antonopoulos stated at the beginning of his book Mastering Bitcoin, Bitcoin replaces currency issuance and clearance that is currently carried out by central banks as well as through fractional reserve banking via credit/loan/debt creation.


He also states how infrastructure inversion will happen as the old legacy financial system will slowly transition to be built on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain for security, efficiency and to prevent large scale fraud, corruption & counterfeiting such as naked short selling.


The implications of this are so significant it will change the direction of humanity forever and for the better in my opinion.


What message do you want to send to the puppet masters at the top running the big banks? 


The message I want to send is to everyone who wants to take on the puppet masters. Stop playing defense by appealing to authority to change the existing system that is completely controlled by TPTB. Stop appealing to Governments, politicians, regulators, justice departments & the MSM you're wasting your time. The old system is completely controlled and rigged.


Instead play offense by buying and learning about and spreading Bitcoin.


Buying Bitcoin is the only message that needs to be sent to the puppet masters. It will strip them of the true source of their power, which is the ability to use coercion of the state to influence preferential outcomes for themselves, at the cost to the rest of society especially in the financial sector.


I talk about this in my video ‘Bitcoin; Real time justice and restitution’ we can now hold these people accountable and responsible for their actions in real time! This is extremely powerful and world changing.



How do you foresee government's taxing and regulating CryptoCurrencies in the future?


One of the biggest defences Bitcoin has over draconian regulation is the fact it's completely global, which creates competition amongst states especially as Bitcoin slowly becomes a global strategic asset.


There are 3 main competitive ways Bitcoin will become a global strategic asset.

  1. States Investing for their reserves

  2. Bitcoin mining competition between states

  3. Providing the best environment to attract entrepreneurship and Big business to fuel job growth in the future.

Regulatory arbitrage will ensure that those countries that wisely issue moratoriums on future regulation, and provide the best conditions for Bitcoin to flourish naturally in the free market, will be the big winners here.

I would go so far as to say, if you are a person working for a government body to try and regulate Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, you are probably going to do huge almost unprecedented damage to the future prospects of the country you live in and unimaginable missed opportunity, that will be your legacy when you’re lying on your deathbed.


If you want to be a hero, push for a moratorium on future regulation and do everyone in your country a huge favour.


Tax is always a wild card; the more interesting question is how will Bitcoin respond? In my opinion the more governments clap down and try to tax Bitcoin the darker it will go which could jeopardize any type of taxation in the future. It's not hyperbole to say that if this were to happen, Bitcoin has the potential to defund 95% of the function of the nation state and open it back up to the free market.


What do you think it will take for widespread adoption of Bitcoin?


The idea of Bitcoin & Blockchain is so good I think there is very little that can stop it going mainstream now, momentum is building all the time.


One of my friends, Javier Marti from Bitcoin Global Investments, identified some of the main things that are needed and the way I remember them is through the acronym NATURE:


NEED (capital controls, inflation, counterparty risk, debanked, Fraud, corruption etc)

APPLICATIONS (simple to use GUI’s accessibility)

TRUST (building all the time as the Lindy Effect takes place)

UTILITY (current and future utility could be on a scale similar to the internet)

RISK (Tolerant Risk level, many people are risk averse)

EDUCATION (Increasing all the time, as Bitcoin content & coverage increases & people are incentivised via higher prices)


All these things are building in strength all the time, especially as counterparty, inflation and tail risk increase in the legacy financial system.


Bitcoiners are some of the most intelligent/smart/passionate & interesting people on the face of the planet and these are the people who are working on all the points above. My money is on them. 



Where do you think Bitcoin will be in 20 years, and what are the challenges you see that lay ahead?


In 20 years I think using Bitcoin will be as natural and second nature as using the internet. The price will probably be in the multi-millions per coin and Bitcoin/Blockchain crowd funding and the free market will take over 95% of the current role of the nation state.


Your entire banking/Investing/Finance will be run through a handful of online interfaces that give you access to all the worlds markets instantly/cheaply/securely and with very little government interference.


Bank branches will be turned into high end bars and museums where kids learn in disbelief about the way we used to live and how a handful of Bankers used to have the power to control the world. They will laugh in disbelief as they learn about it at how crazy we were to allow this to happen.


I believe the Bitcoin network can overcome every internal challenge and external challenge. It has a huge first mover advantage and several intertwined network effects which make it difficult to compete with by either Altcoin or Private Blockchains. Governments are a wild card. Whilst I don’t think they can stop Bitcoin at all, they will always muddy the waters by introducing laws regulations, promoting defamation against Bitcoin users in the usual way of breaking everything they try and touch.



What are your thoughts on the hundreds of other Alt-Currencies or Tokens in the market?


A lot of my views I explain in my video ‘Bitcoin V Altcoins; Why Bitcoins network effects will make it a monster’.


The same rules for looking after Mogwai’s and Gremlins you can apply to Altcoins! Watch the video and it will all make sense!


Bitcoin is the Godzilla of the Blockchains, but that does not mean I don’t think Altcoins should not exist. I am 100% for free markets and competition and use cases that can provide value. A lot of the Altcoins also act as test nets for functionality that can be re-created on the Bitcoin Blockchain.  I am completely against scam coins though. Scammers should always be mmarginalized via education/reputation and social ostracization.


How do you feel about the ICO craze we are currently seeing with little to no regulation? Where do you see this going?


I speculate on ICO’s but I don’t really invest, there may be some good ones but my main focus is Bitcoin. If used right I don’t see why ICO’s can’t be a way to raise funds for a project, but for sure there are some which are outright ridiculous and probably going to go nowhere.


However, I don’t think they should be regulated, again it’s up to the free market to remove the chaff from the wheat and down to investors to do their due diligence on the teams behind the projects, the attributes of the token, its USP’s its chance of having longevity and all of those types of things.


Again education, reputation and social ostracization is how we can deal with the craziness in the ICO market!


I have heard that one day we will be trading traditional stocks like Bitcoin and Altcoins. One token or coin will equal one stock. Do you think this will really happen, and how do you feel it will change the game?


Absolutely I used to work in a brokerage and it blew my mind how costly and inefficient things can be compared to Bitcoin. I wrote an article ‘Bitcoin 2.0 Blockchain Platform to replace Incumbent Financial service providers’ that talks about all of these things and how the Bitcoin Blockchain can revolutionise and take over large parts of the brokerage industry. 


People can read that for all the details


Renegade Investor, @madbitcoins and crew at a bockchain conference in Essen, Germany


Name some of the key players in the Crypto game that you think people should be paying attention to.

There are so many! Making a list of them on my website is on my to-do list. Some of my favories: Andreas Antonopoulos, Trace Mayer, Brock Pierce, Max Keiser, @Beautyon_ Jimmy Song and everyone at the World Crypto Network, @theonevortex, Tony Vays, Samson Mow, Simon Dixon, Kyle Torpey, Nick Szabo, Charlie Shrem, Adam Meister, Eric Lombrozo, Tuur Demeester, Jeff Berwick, @whalepanda, @cryptohustle, Andy Hoffman, Andrew Desantis, Chris Burniske, Javier Marti, Gabriel D Vine, @BTCbenny, Saifedean Ammous, Jameson Lopp, Ansel Lindner, Alan Silbert, @flibbr, Michael Krieger, Vinny Lingham, All the Core Developers the list goes on.


What or who really pisses you off in the Crypto game and explain why?


Anyone that pushes for or believes that state and regulatory intervention is necessary to ‘legitimize’ Bitcoin or quote on quote ‘Make it Safe’, I made this quote to summaries my feelings!

Outside of Bitcoin, all the main journalists at @ftalphaville especially Izabella Kaminska, they have been spewing hatred for Bitcoin for several years whilst it became the investment of the decade. They argue that being skeptical is scientific, which I understand, but at the same time they completely or disingenuously fail to recognize or acknowledge the importance of decentralizing finance and money, especially after decades of manipulation fraud, rigging, corruption, front running, counterfeiting, & rent seeking in the legacy financial system. The Financial Times is nothing but a bitter, salty establishment echo chamber when it comes to coverage on Bitcoin. Avoid at all costs.


Other clueless people include Paul Krugman, Nuriel Roubini, Ann Pettifor, Jim Rickards (although I really like his Precious metal and Macro Economic Analysis).


The most upsetting for me in a way is Chris Duane who created the Truth Never Told YouTube channel. I love his Sons Of Liberty Academy, his Silver Bullet Silver Shield video series; he was one of the main people who red pilled me about the way the world actually works. I love all his previous work, yet he continues to slate something (Bitcoin) that is completely in line with his ideology of ending coercion of the state by the financial elite. I hope he comes around to Bitcoin soon.


When we look back 10 years from now at this interview, what message do you want people to remember?


My favorite philosopher Stefan Molyneux once said, “Imagine the world has a Steering wheel and there are 2 groups of people fighting for control over it”.


One group is always trying to steer the world towards Hell and one group is always trying to Steer it towards Heaven.


We are at a point in history where we get to decide that direction and potentially change that direction forever. Bitcoin is without a doubt one the most important technological inventions in human history at disintermediating and defunding the debt and death paradigm the bankers & political elite have created through unfettered and exponential growth of fiat currency.


Imagine a world where politicians cannot indirectly fund endless war, where people's purchasing power is not destroyed pushing both parents into work and leaving a generation of kids in daycare. Where the free market is not hindered and is left to create the best living standards possible for everyone. Where 4 billion unbanked people have a chance to create grass root economies, in the poorest areas of the world by accessing global markets.


The way Bitcoin can change the world is incredible and so be sure to spread the word about Bitcoin so we can look back in 10 years and know that we all had a small hand in changing the course of humanity for the better.

Who has inspired you the most or pushed you in your life to be who you are today, and what do you have to say to them?


Some of the most influential would have to be Max Keiser, Stefan Molyneux, Alex Jones, Andy Hoffman, Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, Andreas Antonopolous, Chris Duane, Mike Maloney; but there are countless others. Pretty much everyone in the alternate Media and financial media, that has completely red pilled me over the last 7 years. I can’t thank them enough for this. 


I would also like to thank Ismene Cole who has been my Therapist and life coach for several years, she probably knows me better than anyone else and has helped me massively with the mental and emotional side of what I am doing, as well as helping me through some really dark times where life threw everything at me all at once.


Javier Marti of who mentored me when I first got into Bitcoin and originally founded the Bristol Bitcoin meetup group. He pushed me to setup my website and create content on Bitcoin and helped me understand a lot about Bitcoin and how different entities would respond to it as well as many other things.


My parents taught me to save my quarters, nickels and pennies in my piggy bank when I was a kid. What message do you have for the next generation on where to put their spare change?


I don’t give financial advice, but I believe the 2 most undervalued assets in the world are Bitcoin & physical Silver. This could potentially make a great alternative bare trust that does not require huge investment for potentially huge gains. If I had young kids right now this is what I would do.


If I was young myself and looking to park money I would personally be focused on these two assets. I think they will deliver the biggest gains going forward, but do your own research and always beware of the risks involved.



Any last thoughts or things we missed?


Just a big thank you to yourself for this interview and everyone that follows and supports me in many different ways.  It’s always massively appreciated!


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