Julian Hosp: Extreme Sports Athlete to Trauma Doctor to Co-founding TenX!

September 6, 2017

Sometimes you keep hearing or seeing the same name and face repeatedly and you can’t help but take notice. The little fire they start smolders for a bit and then out of seemingly nowhere the flames erupt. Julian Hosp, co-founder of TenX’s story is really intriguing. He and the TenX team have written a new chapter on how to carve your own path in a blockchain start up. Julian himself is an amazing talent. He has accomplished more than most people do in a lifetime. Julian spent years competing at the top level on the world kiteboarding stage. He then went on to become a trauma doctor. In the last few years he co-founded the successful new blockchain start up TenX and is currently traveling the world spreading the TenX gospel. For those who might think TenX’s success is dumb luck, I would disagree. Julian’s work ethic speaks for itself. The guy is not afraid to grind or get his hands dirty. I caught up with Julian right before he boarded a flight from San Francisco to Singapore, and he agreed to allow me to tell a little of his story versus only highlighting TenX.


Name: Julian

Online Identity: Dr. Julian Hosp

RJ: Former medical doctor & professional kitesurfer, today entrepreneur and Blockchain expert

Years in the $BTC game: 3 years

How might people know you? www.tenx.tech

How can people follow you?


Twitter: @julianhosp

Twitter: @tenxwallet

Facebook: Julian Hosp (can't accept new requests anymore, but you can follow me)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tenxwallet/

SLACK: https://ten-x.herokuapp.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TenXwallet


What is your background, education or formal training?


I was a professional kitesurfer from 2003 – 2011. I studied medicine and trained to become a surgeon in 2011. I missed my freedoms as an athlete, so I quit working in 2012. Moved to Hong Kong to become an entrepreneur.


When did you become interested in Bitcoin and Crypto?


Heard about it the first time in 2011, but got really interested in 2014.

What is the single best experience you have had in this space?


Teaching others about Crypto – It taught myself more than others probably. And of course working with our awesome community at TenX.

Tell us your biggest Crypto fail.


Bought into Bitcoin in 2014 at 800. Sold at 400. Bought again at 500 and sold at 600. It took me until 2016 until I understood that markets are volatile and one just had to get more relaxed.


Where do you personally get your Crypto news?



What do you do for fun when you are outside the Cryptosphere?


Kitesurfing, Basketball, Wakeboarding, Surfing


Best tips you can give anyone new to the Bitcoin and Alt-currency world?


Keep it simple!



Your twitter bio states “Co-Founder TenX, Blockchain Expert, Medical Doctor, Professional Athlete, Bestselling Author and Keynote-Speaker.” That’s a lot of shit going on. Give us some insight on these various accomplishments.


I love competitions and I am convinced that it is good for business and development. During my medical studies, I've been a successful professional kitesurfer - thanks to good time management, I managed both at the same time. This is one of the reasons why many people ask me for training on mental health as well as time management. At the same time I did some very bad investments and was almost ruined. All these lessons I summed up in my book "25 Stories I would tell my Younger Self" which became a bestseller. From all these experiences I learned how to work hard and become part of the best. I don't like to follow anyone else's opinion blindly, but read a lot and create my own - that's how I became a blockchain expert. This is where I am today.



How did you go from pro athlete to trauma doctor to president and co-founder? Give us the progression.


Progress and Growth is what drives me.


What did your family think when you pivoted to technology from medicine, and what do they think of all your success?


Of course they were not happy at all (to put it mildly) when I quit my job in the hospital and decided to become an entrepreneur.


Give us the genesis of when TenX was thought up.


We started with the idea in 2015. Back then it was only about Bitcoin. The first year was a bit slow, but in 2016 we went full speed and also started working on making any cryptocurrency spendable.


Can you briefly explain exactly what TenX does in a non marketing buzzword way for those who have never heard of it? Please break it down in simple terms that a person with little Crypto knowledge can understand?


We make cryptocurreny spendable everywhere. So far you could exchange and hold cryptocurrencies like f.ex. Bitcoin. With TenX we made it possible to actually spend those currencies just like Euro or Dollar. We are partnered up with VISA to offer a VISA debit card, so you can spend your cryptocurrencies everywhere.


You have an android app and are distributing cards, but have had some scaling issues. How do you intend on meeting and growing with customer demand?


We also just launched the iOS and Web App :-) All of us are working pretty hard and our team is constantly growing. Many more things from license to trading engine will come.

How does TenX make money?


We share a cut of the profits with the card issuers.


Why do you feel the TenX coin/token has value?


The TenX PAY token serves as a loyalty program with a finite amount. Since people will use TenX, we as a company have to buy tokens on exchanges to distribute them to the users. This brings immense value to the user, as they are able to spend or hold the PAY tokens afterwards.


Do you fear some of the code may have unforeseen bugs as it goes into production and scales.


We do lots of final testing always.


How do you intend on dealing with this if it affects customers? I personally would be a little nervous. You're dealing with people's money.


We have an outstanding team that works pretty hard, in case they need to react they are unbelievable fast - It's normal to be nervous. We make sure everything is 100% correct and that's why we only hire people with a lot of experience to prevent


How is TenX new, innovative and disruptive, and how do you set yourself apart from the other “Crypto debit cards?” There are several in this space.


Right now, there is no other card live that offers one single card that can be funded with several different cryptocurrencies. Also, this step is only part of a larger mission on bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses.


Right now if I wanted a TenX card, I can not get one. When will they be available and where?


We are working on it, so it can be ordered all around the world. To prevent any bugs, we hired people with huge experience to help us launching markets like the US. In Q4 2017 you will be able to order one in the US.


You raised 80 million in Ethereum in 7 minutes during your ICO. What was that like?


It might sound blunt, but going into it that was exactly what I expected. For us it was just a stepping stone on the ladder to the top. Right now, we barely climbed the first step.

What were the biggest challenges raising money this way, and what did you learn about the process?


Transparency is so important. We started regular VLOGs on our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/TenXwallet) to show the people who we are, how we work, how our days look like, etc. - People always trust people. In an environment that is supposed to be ‘trustless,’ it showed us that people want to trust someone or something - not any name without faces behind it


Why didn’t you use more traditional avenues of raising money?


We did with our 1M Seed round in March 2017. The token sale did not only get us money, but over 10,000 loyal fans which help us spread the word.


You are based in Singapore. You mentioned in an interview that TenX is consulting with the Singapore government on a potential blockchain currency. Can you elaborate?


Singapore government is working on the UBIN project and is interested in understanding how COMIT could work together with that.



Name some of the key players on The TenX team that need to be recognized!


The VLOGs you see are the real culture in our office. We spend a lot of time together, work extremely hard and also have a lot of fun together - our team only consists of rockstars, so I should mention really everyone here.


Have a look at https://www.tenx.tech/#team to not only see us Co-Founders Toby, Paul, Michael and me but our fast growing and awesome team!


What was it like being featured in the Forbes article, “6 Lessons Marketers Can Learn From Cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offerings?”


Of course it's an honor. I appreciate a lot that people are eager to learn from us and become #cryptofit


I read somewhere that TenX has a relationship with PayPal. Is there any truth to this? A partner like this is tough to beat.


Yes, it is true. PayPal was our incubator for almost a year.

When you think about 10 years from now, and we look back at this interview, what is one thing you really want people to understand about TenX and your vision of where you see it going?


That there is now way to ignore the future. You can either wait for it or create it - do yourself a favor and become #cryptofit

What is TenX’s exit strategy or do you have one? Who do you think might acquire a company like TenX and why?


Exit: Do an IPO in 5 years. We are not really interested in being bought out.



Who has inspired you the most to shoot for the moon, and who do you want to give props to.


Def Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett have always inspired me.

Bettina, my fiancée & my co-founders & our incredible team of rockstars


If you were speaking to the next generation of kids, what is one thing you would say to inspire them.


Make sure you don't wait for the future, but create it yourself

Any last thought or things we missed?


Before we see crypto mass adoption, we will experience maximum crypto pessimism. Be prepared for that.


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